A Healer’s Journey- Michelle’s Story

After a long and successful corporate career with a strong social network to boot, Michelle¬†Dowell-Vest decided to leave everything behind and move from Washington, D.C. to Houston, TX. Michelle’s decision to leave everything behind meant more then what she could imagine, and she would quickly learn that before she could start a new chapter she would have to heal from the old. Michelle discusses how her decision to pursue a career in the healing field led her through her own darkness and into a discovery of Self. She opens up about the myths of hypnosis, being a nonreligious minister, the struggle of adult friending, overcoming the loss of friends and lovers, and how her new foundation in Self has helped her to build a brick and mortar business in a new city. As you can tell by the length of the episode, we discuss much more. Michelle has big plans and is on the move so catch her in this episode.

How to find Michelle:

IG: @michelledowellvest & @womenshhc

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