Give Birth or Die – Whitney’s Story

Whitney’s first child was born prematurely of an emergency c-section. After being diagnosed during pregnancy with Preeclampsia, Whitney was told many times that she would need to give birth early, but she held on for weeks to give her son a better chance at survival once delivered. But when Whitney’s own survival came into question it was the simple wisdom of a nurse, “What is the use of having a baby if he wont have a mother?” that convinced her to induce labor. Whitney opens up about some of the resentment she felt towards close women in her life who have children and failed to give her information that she felt was vital for a first time mother during and after pregnancy. She also details what lead up to her surprising and rare diagnosis of Postpartum Anxiety and what that looks like in her life today. An unexpected blood transfusion, finding herself alone in a dark hospital basement, lying to nurses so that she could see her son for the first time, spending weeks in NICU, discovering truths about breastfeeding, and stories of anxiously monitoring the peephole in of her front door are a few of the topics she shares in this powerful interview. 

*This is a rerecording of an earlier, now removed, episode with improved sound quality.*

Where to find Whitney:

IG: @WhitPits and @Thank.u4u

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