It’s Not Your Fault – Nicki’s Story

Nicki was living what she describes as a perfect life up until the age of 14. This was the age when new circumstances meant that Nicki no longer had to spend as much time at home as usual. In typical teenage behavior, this is when she began explore life outside of her normal routine. She met new friends, went new places, and found new parts of herself. As most do when presented with new opportunities.

Unfortunately for Nicki, her new found freedom was short lived. She quickly caught the eye of her small town’s most notorious young trouble maker who decided to pursue her relentlessly. In fact, he went on to sexually assault her twice, stalk her at home and at school, send people to track her whereabouts, and slowly control every aspect of Nicki’s young life.

In this interview, Nicki describes exactly how, in just a few short weeks, her life changed forever. She shifted into a fearful teenager who was being stalked by her abuser. And because she was afraid of the possibility of accusations and repercussions from her family and the people of her town she internalized the experience and decided that what was happening was her own fault, rape was sex, and that she needed to create an unattractive version of herself in order to survive. So, in turn, she withdrew, became mean, and started to dress in baggy clothes

Later in life, she found therapy and landed her feet on a path towards healing. In this episode, Nicki helps us understand the signs of someone who may be silently crying out for help and she provides valuable tips on what to and not to say to a victim of abuse.

Today, Nicki Hamilton works as a lawyer by day and serves as an advocate to women healing from abuses in her free time. She blogs and lends her heart and ear to women seeking support.

Where to find Nicki: or on her Facebook Page

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