Be Better Not Bitter -Vanessa’s Story

After many years of running, at age 25, Vanessa LeMaistre was forced to face the pains of her past. Unbeknownst to her, the difficult healing process that she underwent was preparing her for one of the most difficult losses a being may know, the loss of her 9 month old infant son, Kamden. In her story, Vanessa takes us through how she has navigated suicidal thoughts, growing up with out a physical father, shifting from Catholicism to Shamanism, the death of her son, traumatic early life experiences, adjusting to her new life as a woman of color in Boulder, Colorado, and how her transformations have led her to live her purpose with intention and urgency.

Today, Vanessa is a studying for her masters degree at Naropa, a spiritually accredited university in Boulder, CO. She is preparing to take her nonprofit, Kamdens Room, to an international level in India, and Vanessa will soon be providing services and products that will assist others in their healing journeys. 

Where to find Vanessa:

Instagram: @vanessasoulxo


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