Samoa’s Web – Samoa’s Story

Being raised in America by two traditional native Caribbean and Jehovah’s Witness parents made Samoa feel trapped as a young girl trying to discover who she was. The rigid expectations of her parents and their religion left her with little [perceived] freedom and a bit of an identity crisis. One thing that Samoa did know was that to break free of the mentality imposed on her she would need to find a way to weave together her own life.

How to contact or work with Samoa:

IG: @inkdbysamoa

There Was Nothing Wrong – Kay Ten’s Story

Kay Ten (aka Meraki) shares her life long journey of living in who she is, and breaking out of society’s expectations for her to do so. Growing up in a traditional family with traditional expectations, Kay Ten didn’t fit in most of those boxes. She tells us her journey of realizing that she didn’t have to mold herself to fit those expectations, and that she could create her own.